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Why digital promotions are mandatory in consumer marketing strategies

Posted by Roger Bretau on 30-Apr-2018 07:50:00

Regardless of their size, all businesses need to realize and accept the importance of digital promotions in consumer marketing strategies.

Here is why closely scrutinising your online promotions is crucial to obtain the best results in consumer marketing.

Consumer Marketing Strategies: Cashback Promotions or Rewards?

Posted by Roger Bretau on 23-Apr-2018 07:50:00

Both cashback promotions and rewards are effective consumer marketing strategies. But, which one is right for your business. To help you decide, we are going to discuss cashback promotions and rewards in detail.

How to avoid mistakes when creating online advertising promotions for consumer marketing

Posted by Roger Bretau on 30-Mar-2018 07:32:00

The world in consumer marketing is becoming increasingly digital, as you may now.

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