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GDPR business implications: How to adapt to EU new privacy regulation

Posted by Jordi Marca on 09-May-2017 08:55:54

This article has been originally posted on Linkedin and written jointly by José Manuel Valdés (CEO of BB2B, an advisory firm that specialises in privacy regulations and their implementations), and Jordi Marca(CEO of Gotoclient, a marketing agency that serves multinational brands in the Southern European markets).

Topics: B2C, Marketing

How well you do with channel brand consistency

Posted by Jordi Marca on 06-Feb-2017 16:51:26

Tech brands have always suffered from the fact that distributors marketing their products have also been in charge of creating and publishing pieces on their brands.

The 14 steps that we manage in GTM plans for multinational companies

Posted by Jordi Marca on 16-Jan-2017 18:01:22

Gotoclient can help you creating, developing, executing and fine-tuning your Go-To-Market plan. Now, I would like to give you some light on the few steps we take and some suggestions so that your Go-To-Market plan makes sense and is well-created and well-executed. This is key for your marketing plan consistency, when thinking about GTM plans for multinational companies. 

Why tech brand marketing consistency is key and why you should care

Posted by Jordi Marca on 01-Dec-2016 18:12:45

When you search on Google for any tech brand logo image, you usually find results like this one. Furthermore when the brand logo is manipulated by someone that does not fall into the brand company owner direct relationship, then you might even find this.

6 Marketing Metrics For Tech Brands: What Your Boss Really Cares About

Posted by Jordi Marca on 20-Oct-2016 11:33:00

Whereas you are a Marketing Director, Manager, Coordinator,  Specialist, Consultant or any other type of marketing folk in a Tech brand, metrics are a key part of your job.  The times when the marketing team used to be called by the sales one as 'the ones with the fluffy presentations' are over. This we know since the Web, Email and after the Social Media irruption times. During the past 20 years, we got used to talk about post shares, click-through rates, lead generation by channel, engagement, visits and conversion rates. 

Hardware commoditization: 4 ways to sustain demand & differentiation

Posted by Jordi Marca on 07-Oct-2016 09:33:25

Whether you lead the marketing function for a phone manufacturer, a home appliances brand, a consumer electronics producer or a wearable start-up, you might feel overwhelmed by the ramping commoditization that your product is experiencing. Not only your product features do not stand out from the crowd, your product might not even be recognizable when put side-by-side with its competitors. You might even struggle to define a unique selling proposition (USP) to your audience. 

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