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Gotoclient's philosophy is to implement high precision marketing activities that provide high value, indisputable ROI and increased sales.

Gotoclient aims to make you believe in marketing again. Today we live in the marketing wilderness, where activities don't make sense and bring no business, where branding means spend and no return. Marketing belongs on the bottom line. It's time to turn your marketing spend into revenue.

Gotoclient belongs to you. It is your marketing team. The one that works. It is the oasis. Let's say goodbye to marketing misery.


1 | Client business assessment.

Gotoclient will understand your business situation and goals at this stage, and work on them.

2 | Key recommendations and agreement

Gotoclient will propose key strategy recommendations for your business and a detailed proposal of how your business goals will be met.

3 | Account set up and reporting definition.

At this stage, Gotoclient will make sure you feel comfortable with the team managing your account.

4 | Implementation

Gotoclient will aim to instil the confidence of having a performance-driven marketing agency that understands and works to the same goals as you.

5 | Strategy fine-tuning.

Metrics matter. Gotoclient's strategy will be supported by them and will be fine-tuned every week to achieve better results. No implementation without strategy.

Success stories

Consumer Electronics

Major European customer (Consumer Electronics), with a Trade-in promotion- Growth of around 20% versus similar products previous year. The figure is an average and varies by country.


Pioneer, with four editions of a sales out promotion centric demand creation and conversion campaign - over the period 2011-14, increasing from 3 to 22% market share

With a sales campaign in Italy, combining online and offline, saw increased sales of 70% over the previous year.


Epson's WorkForce printers sales increased by 23.8% during the promotion period.

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